The Iceland Volcano Marathon 6-day tour offers 8 accommodation options. With four nights spent in Mývatn/Húsavík/Laugar, those hotels are the main focus of this page, but further down you will also find a short description of the Reykjavik hotels we will stay in for the first night.

All hotels feature free WiFi.

Eldá Guesthouse - Package A

Located centrally in the village of Reykjahlid this cozy guesthouse is only a few kilometers from the start and finish area as well as the Jardbödin Nature Baths. Rooms are basic, but clean and comfortable, and toilets and showers are on shared basis in the hallway. A breakfast buffet is served in the common dining area. The kitchen is open for guests and allows you to cook your own meals for lunch and dinner. Groceries available in the supermarket 300 meters from the guesthouse.

Book this package if you:

- Travel on a budget.
- Are keen on socializing (the common dining room, and showers and toilets provide for good mingling).
- Would like the possibility of walking back home from the finish line.


Nice to know:

- Participants staying at Eldá Guesthouse will have to walk 10 minutes to the Icelandair Hotel for the pasta dinner the evening before the race.
- Shoes are not allowed inside at Eldá, so we recommend that you bring a pair of slippers or indoor shoes.
- Bed linen and towels are available to all guests.

Eldá website

Hotel Laugar - Package B

The small village of Laugar is nestled in between the green rolling hills of the Reykjadalur valley. Midway between Akureyri, Mývatn and Húsavík the peaceful rural surroundings offers great relaxation. Hotel Laugar is a summer hotel, which, during winter time, converts in to a boarding school. All rooms have private bathrooms, however, and clean, comfortable rooms. The village of Laugar is a charming place with a local swimming pool and a great restaurant – and it is the place of the celebration dinner the day after the race.

Book this package if you:

- Travel on a budget.
- Plan to take optional excursions in both Mývatn and Húsavík, as Laugar is half way between the two.
- Want to be able to walk back home from the celebration dinner and party!
- Want an extra half hours sleep Monday morning before heading back to Reykjavik.


Nice to know:

- The celebration dinner and party takes place in Laugar, just 5 minutes walk from the hotel.
- The hotel doesn’t serve lunch, but the Dalakofinn restaurant is just a 15 minutes walk away.

Hotel Laugar website

Fosshotel Húsavík - Package C and G

Within walking distance from the harbor of Húsavík this well-equipped hotel is the perfect base for those who love the sea, boats, and whales. It is not without reason that Húsavík is called the “Whale Watching Capital of Europe” as the harbor provides easy access to the whale filled waters of the Greenland Sea during summer. If not on the sea looking for whales, stroll around and explore the towns restaurants, shops and museums, or take a relaxing dip in the geothermal spa sitting right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and islands of Flatey and Grimsey.

Book this package if you:

- Want to go whale watching.
- Like to stay in a town with shops, restaurants and museums.
- Want to experience the luxury of sitting in a hot spa at “the edge of the world”.


Nice to know:

- Fosshotel Húsavík is used in both package C and G.
- Choose package C if you are content with standard rooms.
- Pick package G if you prefer more spacious rooms with a view.

Fosshotel Húsavík website

Fosshotel Mývatn - Package D (and D+)

Opened in 2017 the Fosshotel Mývatn is built almost entirely with low-environmental impact materials. Located a few kilometers north of the village of Reykjahlid the hotel overlooks Lake Mývatn from the north-east and provides stunning views from the bar and restaurant, as well as from the Lake View rooms. A modern, luxurious hotel less than 10 kilometers away from the start and finish area.

Book this package if you:

- Want nice luxurious rooms.
- Like to have a short drive to the start and from the finish on race day.
- Enjoy having a view during breakfast and dinner.


Nice to know:

- The hotel offers bike rental (additional charge).
- The Gamli Bærinn restaurant located roughly 45 minutes on foot from Fosshotel is the nearest alternative if you do not wish to dine in the hotel restaurant Thursday and/or Saturday.
- The Lake View rooms can be booked at an additional cost (D+).

Fosshotel Mývatn website

Hotel Laxá - Package E - CLOSED

This package is closed for bookings in 2020.
Located on the west side of Lake Mývatn this stylish hotel offers tranquility and peace both in its spacious rooms and in the beautifully designed public areas. Featuring some of the best beds in Iceland this hotel is guaranteed to give you the sleep needed before the race. The restaurant is focused on using local and healthy ingredients and the variety of food will ensure you the best possible nutrition in the days before and after the race.

Book this package if you:

- Prefer relaxing surroundings to prepare for your run.


Nice to know:

- This package only offers standard rooms. It is not possible to book Lake View rooms.
- The hotel is located a good half an hours walk from the small village of Skútustadir where the pseudo craters of Lake Mývatn are found. There’s also a couple of hotel restaurants and a small café to be found here.

Hotel Laxá website

Sel Hotel - Package F

A family run hotel with a cozy, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Located south of Lake Mývatn in the small village of Skútustadir this hotel is the perfect spot to explore the fascinating pseudo craters that can be reached just by crossing the road. The hotel rooms are nicely furnished and the restaurant serves well-tasting home cooked dishes and offers both buffet and a’la carte menu. Roughly 15 kilometers from the start and finish area only a short transfer is needed on race day.

Book this package if you:

- Want a hotel with soul and personality.
- Like to have easy access to the shore of Lake Mývatn and the pseudo craters.


Nice to know:

- The restaurant at nearby hotel Geigur and the Sel Café offers alternative dining if needed Thursday and Saturday.
- The hotel is located 15 kilometers from the village of Reykjahlid.

Sel Hotel website

Icelandair Hotel Mývatn - Package H

In our opinion the top choice hotel when combining location and quality. Totally renovated and re-furbished this hotel re-opened in July 2018 and does not only have luxurious and comfortable rooms, but also cutting edge interior design and top-level dining. A real treat to put it simple.

Book this package if you:

- Want a deluxe hotel experience.
- Prefer to be close to the race start and finish.
- Enjoy fine dining.


Nice to know:

- The Gamli Bærinn restaurant is located right next door.
- The Reykjahlid supermarket is only 500 meters up the road.
- This hotel are is the first in the area to introduce a re-useable waste water system.

Icelandair Hotel Mývatn website

Reykjavik hotels

Below are the hotels used for the first night in Reykjavik. Please note that the hotel combinations in the accommodation packages are fixed and cannot be amended.

Hotel Arctic Comfort

Located in the eastern part of Reykjavik the Arctic Comfort hotel offers basic, clean rooms. The city center can be reached by public transportation. Several bus lines stop a short walk from the hotel and the ride takes 10-15 minutes. Restaurants, shopping and the recreational area of Laugardalur are within walking distance from the hotel.

You will stay in a standard room at Arctic Comfort Hotel when booking accommodation package A.

Hotel Arctic Comfort website

Hotel Cabin

Overlooking the bay the Cabin hotel is a great place to go explore the scenic Sculpture & Shore Walk path in to the city center. The Hallgrímskirkja church located 2 kilometers from the hotel is also within walking distance. Bus line 12 stops 100 meters down the road and takes passengers to the city centre in 10 minutes. Rooms are simple and relatively small and doesn’t cater for much more than a good night’s sleep.

You will stay in a standard room at Hotel Cabin when booking accommodation package B, C or E.

Hotel Cabin website

Fosshotel Reykjavik

Iceland’s largest hotel is located near the bay and a good 20 minutes walk from the city center. From the hotel it’s easy to go explore the scenic Sculpture & Shore Walk path in to the city. The impressive Hallgrímskirkja church is located 1 kilometer from the hotel. Rooms are elegantly furnished and spacious. The hotel is also home to the famous Beer Garden with more than 20 local draughts on tap.

You will stay in a standard room at Fosshotel Reykjavik when booking accommodation package D, G or H.

Fosshotel Reykjavik website

Icelandair Hotel Natura

Located by the domestic Reykjavik Airport the Natura hotel is less than 30 minutes’ walk away from both the city center and the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach. Running and walking trails are easily accessible in the Öskjuhlid Hill park that also is the home to the fascinating Perlan museum where visitors can see, feel and live the natural wonders of Iceland in one place. Rooms are spacious and light and offer all the amenities one would expect from a 4 star hotel.

You will stay in the Guest room category at Icelandair Hotel Natura when booking accommodation package F.

Icelandair Hotel Natura website

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