Iceland Volcano Marathon

24 July 2021

Geothermal Nature Baths

Is a trip to Iceland really complete without visiting one of their renowned natural geothermal baths?
24 Jul | 3-4 hours | 70 EUR

After your race (or a tiring day spent cheering), give your muscles a treat and take a soak in the restorative natural waters. The mineral-rich waters will soothe your skin while the warmth relaxes you. At this time of year, the sun still sets quite late, so you can savor a slow sunset as you bask in the water and enjoy the views. 


Mývatn and Laugar participants: 

The area around Mývatn is a hotspot for geological activity. One of the byproducts of this is geothermal water - some of which has been used to form the Jardbödin Nature Baths. While the Nature Baths' lagoon is manmade, the water is drawn up from a hot spring with a depth of 2.500 meters and is about 130 degrees C when it reaches the surface. This hot spring forms a basin which is then used to fill the lagoon. The lagoon itself averages between 36-40 degrees C, and the water is rich with minerals that are considered to have a positive effect on skin. 

In addition to the lagoon, the Mývatn Nature Baths offer two steam baths that are built directly on top of the geothermal area. There are windows in the steam baths so guests can enjoy the magnificent view, and cool showers right outside to relieve the heat. There is also a café in the facilities where guests can purchase a variety of food, sweets, and drinks. 

This excursion includes bus travel to and from the Nature Baths as well as the entrance fee. The excursion will begin around 20:00, and the bus will bring you back to your hotel after 2-3 hours have been spent in the Nature Baths. If you would like to stay longer, or perhaps get some more exercise, you may of course also choose to walk back. Participants in the Eldà Guesthouse and the Icelandair hotel would have about a 1-hour walk (4.3 km), while participants in the Fosshotel Mývatn could walk around 7 km. The Baths do not close until 24:00, and the sun does not officially set until approximately 23:00 (after which a glow will remain on the horizon for the duration of the night). 


Húsavík participants: 

Perched on a hill in the north end of Húsavík, with a beautiful view over the ocean, the GeoSea thermal sea baths are not to be missed. These baths are a unique experience in Iceland - most of the nature baths trace their sources to hot springs welling up from the earth's crust. However, in Húsavík, the geothermal activity heats ocean water itself, and the hot sea water has been utilized for centuries for bathing and washing. Today, two drill holes ensure the hot water flows between the baths and back into the sea, keeping the area clean and warm. 

The pools feature an infinity-style edge, ensuring your view of the peaks in the distance is unimpeded. The GeoSea facility also has steam baths and a café, where guests can purchase a variety of food, sweets, and drinks. 

Participants staying in Húsavík are not able to pre-book the Nature Baths excursion. Instead Húsavík guests can walk to the Geo Sea Spa and pay the entrance fee directly at the spa reception. It's about a 20-minute (1.3 km) walk from the Fosshotel, and naturally this allows you to come and go when you please. The GeoSea thermal baths will stay open until 24:00. 


About the Tour: 

Duration: 3-4 Hours 

Departures: Saturday at 20:00

Minimum number of participants*: 30

*please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to either move participants to another departure day or cancel the excursion. If the excursion is canceled, you will be refunded. 

What should I bring with me? Bring your bathing suit and a towel. If you prefer, you can rent a towel at the reception. Lockers are also included. 


- Bus transfer from hotel to baths 

- Entrance to the baths