Iceland Volcano Marathon

24 July 2021

Lake Mývatn Highlights

On this excursion, we'll visit some of the spots that will be included on the marathon route and explore the surrounding area at a slower pace.
23 Jul | 6 - 7.5 hours | 140 EUR

In terms of geological history, Iceland is relatively young. The island pulses with volcanic activity, which can be clearly seen in the massive number of geysirs, hot springs, and lava fields. The Iceland Volcano Marathon does not offer an official route inspection, and thus this tour will be your best chance to get a preview of what awaits you on race day. 

The first place we'll visit is Dimmuborgir, translated as 'Dark Castles.' This is a spectacular maze of strange lava structures - the area is composed of various volcanic caves and rock formations is covered with surprisingly lush vegetation. We'll also pass by Hverfjall (but we will not stop at it) - a tephra cone that erupted approximately 2500 years ago in the southern part of the Krafla fissure swarm and created a crater of approximately 1 km in diameter. 

We will also visit the Hverir solfatarars (boiling sulphur mud pits) at Námaskarð, which are some of the most fantastic in the country. Stroll around the bubbling gray puddles and enjoy the ethereal steam pouring manically out. If you've never smelled a rotten egg, this is your chance to understand what it's like! But please - mind your steps in this area. 

Finally, we will visit the steaming grounds in Bjarnarflag, where locals bake their famous Geyser bread. A local will share the story of the tradition with us and you'll have a chance to taste bread baked from the geothermal heat of the geysers. We will then visit a local farm house, and eat a lunch that is made predominantly from their own produce. 


About the Tour: 

Duration: 6 hours 

*Participants staying in Húsavík and Laugar require extra travel time. Laugar will take 7 hours and Húsavík will take 7.5. 

Departures: Friday at 9:30 - Húsavík departure is 8:30 and Laugar is 8:45

Minimum number of participants per departure*: 25

*please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to either move participants to another departure day or cancel the excursion. If the excursion is canceled, you will be refunded. 


- Pick up and drop off at the hotel 

- Bus tour to the mentioned sights 

- Guide

- Farmhouse lunch 

- Rye bread tasting from a geysir oven 


Note on Iceland Excursion Departures:

At the time of booking, we cannot guarantee specific departure times or day, as this depends on the minimum participant requirements as well as where participants are staying. This also means that you should only sign up for a maximum of two excursions in total: one for Friday and one for Sunday (and of course the Nature Baths can be added on Saturday). 

Please choose your preferred departure time and day when booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Approximately 3 weeks before the tour, we will inform you of your departure time and day. Refunds will NOT be given for cancellations received after the departure time has been given.