Iceland Volcano Marathon

12 Aug 2023

Iceland Volcano Marathon 2023 6-day package

Run through one of Earth’s geological hot spots, on the rim of a volcanic crater and over black lava rock.
9-14 Aug
6 days
2 295 EUR

The Iceland Volcano Marathon takes place in Mývatn in northern Iceland, where the North Volcanic Zone splits the American and Eurasian continental plates. Still an active volcano area, this area is replete with volcano craters and steaming geysers.

Entry is in combination with a package offering one night in Reykjavík and four nights in Mývatn/Húsavík, giving you ample opportunity to explore this otherworldly landscape - you can visit Europe’s largest waterfall, embark on a whale safari, hike through the castle-like lava formations of Dimmuborgir, and relax in an geothermally heated lagoon.



The itinerary is detailed below. This is what you'll be doing during your stay!

09 Aug 2023Welcome to Iceland

Arrival at Keflavík International Airport (KEF) in Reykjavík. There is no set arrival time, so you can book the flight that is most suitable for you.

Note that transfer from Keflavík to Reykjavík is not included in the package. Once you've reached the arrivals hall, please make your way to the airport shuttle desk or take a taxi to reach your hotel. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Participants arriving in the morning or afternoon have the opportunity to book a tour to the Golden Circle with Tingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. Please see Package Add-ons for more details.

Kindly note that we also offer a pre-night in Reykjavik if you would like a little more time to explore this northern capital.

Meals: Not included.

10 Aug 2023Iceland's Scenic West Coast & Race Briefing

After an early breakfast, we will board our bus and begin a scenic drive up along the west coast of Iceland. Along the way, our guide will tell us about Iceland.

In the afternoon, we reach Akureyri, known as "The Capital of the North," which lies just 100 km (62 miles) away from the Arctic Circle. Here, race officials will provide a race briefing and distribute your goodie bags while we enjoy a snack meal. After the briefing, our journey will continue to Mývatn, where you will get settled into your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch box, and a stand up snack meal included.

11 Aug 2023Mývatn Route Highlights

On today's tour you will visit some of the places that are on the marathon route:

  • Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles), a spectacular maze of strange lava structures covered with surprisingly lush vegetation. The area is composed of various volcanic caves and rock formations.
  • Hverfjall – a tephra cone which erupted 2500 years ago in the southern part of the Krafla fissure swarm. The crater is approximately 1 km in diameter.
  • Hverir solfataras (boiling sulphur mud pits) at Námaskarð, these being some of the most spectacular in the country. Stroll around the bubbling gray puddles and the ethereal steam loudly escaping from the conical fumaroles. If you´ve never smelled a rotten egg, this is a good chance to fill this gap! But please - mind your steps!

In the evening we can carbo load from the pasta dinner served by our hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and pasta dinner.

12 Aug 2023Race Day

Today is the big day - the Iceland Volcano Marathon is on!

Please read more about the race course and route logistics here.

Runners will have the rare opportunity to run in the volcanic sand and gravel roads around the majestic Hverfjall crater. While the route will be demanding, the weather is likely to pose the biggest challenge. Although this event is held in August during the Icelandic summer, it's unlikely temperatures will rise above 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and rain is not uncommon in this country. The scenery, however, is equally dramatic in both sun and rain!

At the finish line, a pizza lunch will be served to participants. Shuttle busses will then take all participants back to their hotels.

After dinner at your hotel or nearby restaurants you have the chance to join our optional excursion to Jardbödin Nature Baths in Mývatn. The perfect way to give your muscles a treat and take a soak in the restorative natural waters. 

Meals: Breakfast and pizza lunch included.

13 Aug 2023Relaxation, Optional Excursions & Celebration Dinner

Spend the day on an excursion, or take in the stunning nature surrounding Mývatn at your own pace.

In the late afternoon, we will meet to celebrate yesterday’s achievements with a festive dinner.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner.

14 Aug 2023Farewell Iceland or Hello Extension

After an early breakfast, we will board shuttle busses that will drive us back south through Reykjavík to Keflavik International Airport (KEF). Expected arrival at Keflavik Airport is 14:30. Knowing this, it is not advisable to book your flight out of Iceland earlier than 16:30 on this day.

Not ready for the adventure to end? Join our optional extension tour of Iceland's less visited, but no less dramatic, east coast. Read more here.

It is also possible to book a post-night in Reykjavik if you want to have more time in the Icelandic capital or your flight connection doesn't match today.
If you have booked a post-night the bus will drop you off in Reykjavík.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch box included. 


Golden Circle Tour

9 Aug | 5 hours | 175 EUR

An afternoon excursion to the famous sights of Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss - known as the Golden Circle, Iceland's most famous tourist route.

  • 9 Aug 2023 - Golden Circle Tour

    The bus will pick us up at our hotel in Reykjavik and take us east for a visit to the Golden Circle.

    Our first stop will be at the Thingvellir National Park - the only place on Earth where the mid-Atlantic rift, dividing the American and Eurasian Continental Plates, is visible above sea-level.

    Next we will visit Geysir - Iceland's famous geyser which can hurl up boiling water to heights reaching 70 meters. Even if the famous Geysir is not so active itself anymore, the entire area of Haukadalur Valley is full of geothermal activity and hot pools - including the much more active Strokkur geyser that regularly shoots up water to heights between 20 and 40 meters.

    Our last stop is the massive waterfall Gullfoss. Although it's neither the largest or tallest it is arguably one of Iceland most beautiful waterfalls with its two plateaus of which the lower has a drop of 21 meters.

    We will be back in Reykjavik in the evening, but being summer in the arctic the nights are light, so there's still ample opportunity to explore the capital of Iceland on your own.


Geothermal Nature Baths

12 Aug | 3-4 hours | 90 EUR

After your race (or a tiring day spent cheering), give your muscles a treat and take a soak in the restorative natural waters. The mineral-rich waters will soothe your skin while the warmth relaxes you. At this time of year, the sun still sets quite late, so you can savor a slow sunset as you bask in the water and enjoy the views. 


Mývatn participants: 

The area around Mývatn is a hotspot for geological activity. One of the byproducts of this is geothermal water - some of which has been used to form the Jardbödin Nature Baths. While the Nature Baths' lagoon is manmade, the water is drawn up from a hot spring with a depth of 2.500 meters and is about 130 degrees C when it reaches the surface. This hot spring forms a basin which is then used to fill the lagoon. The lagoon itself averages between 36-40 degrees C, and the water is rich with minerals that are considered to have a positive effect on skin. 

In addition to the lagoon, the Mývatn Nature Baths offer two steam baths that are built directly on top of the geothermal area. There are windows in the steam baths so guests can enjoy the magnificent view, and cool showers right outside to relieve the heat. There is also a café in the facilities where guests can purchase a variety of food, sweets, and drinks. 

This excursion includes bus travel to and from the Nature Baths as well as the entrance fee. The excursion will begin around 19:30, and the bus will bring you back to your hotel after 2-3 hours have been spent in the Nature Baths. The Baths do not close until 23:00. 

About the Tour: 

Duration: 3-4 Hours 

Departures: Saturday at 19:30

Minimum number of participants*: 30

*please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion. If the excursion is canceled, you will be refunded. 

What should I bring with me? Bring your bathing suit and a towel. If you prefer, you can rent a towel at the reception. Lockers are also included. 


- Bus transfer from hotel to baths 
- Entrance to the baths 


    Wild Waterfalls

    13 Aug | 5 hours | 90 EUR

    In a canyon known as Jökulsárgljúfur, visitors can witness many of these magnificent waterfalls - including one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe: Dettifoss. This waterfall is 45 meters high and an incredible 100 meters wide, and is the largest waterfall in Iceland in terms of water volume. Although you will have plenty of time to take photographs of Dettifoss, your first glimpse of this beastly wonder will be the best memory.

    Within walking distance (around 1km) lies another breathtaking scene: the Selfoss waterfall, which cascades 11 meters down. Although Selfoss is not as tall, it is very wide and thus poses an awe-inspiring sight. The scenery around both these waterfalls is picture-perfect - they have, in fact, been featured in various Hollywood productions. 

    The third waterfall that we will visit is called Hafragilsfoss, and is a true hidden gem in Iceland. Although most tourists overlook this spot, it provides a breathtaking view of the canyon and the mighty river that forms it - with the additional perk of being less crowded! We'll drive about 2 km up a dirt road and then take a short hike to an amazing view above the 27-meter high falls. 


    About the Tour: 

    Duration: 5 hours

    Departure: Sunday at 08:00 

    Minimum number of participants*: 25 

    *please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion. If the excursion is canceled, you will be refunded. 


    - Return transfers from the hotel to the falls 
    - Guide
    - Boxed lunch


    Whale Safari

    13 Aug | 7 hours | 145 EUR

    Húsavík is often called the capital of whale watching in Iceland, and a day spent looking for these magnificent animals is an unforgettable experience. There are 12 species that can be considered common visitors, including, among others, the minke whale, humpback whale, orca, and even harbour porpoises! Hopefully, we'll also spot some Icelandic puffins flocking around. 

    The original Húsavík Whale Watching Tour is run in a traditional Icelandic oak boat and is operated by one of the pioneers of whale watching in Iceland. The professional crews on the whale watching boats are specifically trained in responsible conduct with the whales and will guide and inform you the whole way. They even offer you hot cocoa and cinnamon buns! 

    Participants that are staying in Mývatn will have 2 hours either before or after the trip (depending on departure time) to explore the picturesque town of Húsavík and purchase lunch. Húsavík has a variety of lovely restaurants on the harbour, a whale watching museum, a NASA museum, and plenty of shops. 


    About the Tour: 

    Duration: 7 hours (3.5 hours sailing) 

    Departures: Sunday at 08:00 

    Minimum number of participants per day*: 25 

    *Please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion. If the excursion is cancelled, you will be refunded. 


    - 45-minute (each way) hotel transfers to Húsavík 
    - Boat trip 
    - 2 hours in Húsavík 
    - Guide 


    Lofthellir Ice Cave

    13 Aug | 5 hours | 295 EUR

    The Lofthellir Ice Cave is a lava tunnel filled with permafrost ice. The cave boasts incredible ice formations, some of which are hundreds of years old, that have been formed by dripping water over the course of time. The tour will start from the Lake Mývatn area, and we will drive past some incredible geology, including the volcano Mt. Hverfjall, and along the Lúdentarborgir crater row. Once we reach the base of Mt. Hvannfell, there will be a 30-minute guided hike across lava fields to the entrance of the Lofthellir cave. There you will be provided with equipment to safely navigate the cave. 

    We will travel slowly into the cave in a single line. Your cave guide will help you to move safely through the cave. The entrance is the narrowest part of the cave and participants will need to crawl on all fours to pass through. Past that point, every step you take into the cave it just gets bigger! A lost world of ice and magic awaits, frozen in time and in space.  

    The Lofthellir Ice Cave is a protected area and is privately owned by local landowners. Only a limited number of tours are allowed in, and all tours are operated by certified cave guides. The goal of the cave protection is to operate sustainable cave tours and preserve this incredible sight for future generations to explore - thus, in every ticket a fee is included for the protection program and local landowners. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This tour is not for people with claustraphobia, young children, or people that are not in reasonable physical condition. To reach the cave, we will hike for 30 min across a relatively smooth lava field. The short entry (approximately 1,5 meters) into the cave is narrow, and guests need to crawl on all fours to enter. Temperature in the cave ranges from 0 to -2 degrees C, so please make sure you have good gloves and preferably waterproof pants. 


    About the Tour: 

    Duration: 5 hours

    Departures: Sunday at 08:00 or 10:30 

    Minimum number of participants per departure*: 6

    Maximum number of participants per departure: 10 

    *Please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to either move participants to another departure or cancel the excursion. If the excursion is cancelled, you will be refunded. 


    - Return transfers from the hotel to the cave
    - Guide 
    - 1 hour of cave exploration 
    - Packed lunch 
    - Required safety equipment: helmet, head lamp, and studded boots. 



    East Iceland Highlights

    14-18 Aug | 5 days | 2 795 EUR
    • Day 1 - 14 Aug: Vök Baths & Hengifoss Waterfall

      After picking up participants in Húsavík, we will leave Mývatn by driving east across lava fields and the Möðrudalsöræfi desert land, crossing a glacial river along the way. We will make a stop in this apparent wilderness at the farm of Möðrudalur. This is the highest inhabited farm in Iceland at 469 meters above sea level, and they run a highland cafe, Fjallakaffi. 

      From there, we will drive down off the desert highland plateau into a lush valley where we should see several waterfalls descending from the hills that loom above the road. The next stop will be at the Vök Baths on the beautiful Lake Urriðavatn. This is a hot spring destination like no other - the hot water is so pure, it's certified as drinkable! Admission to the baths, 2 drinks, and towel rental is included in the package (see 'inclusions'). 

      After some time at the baths, we will continue to Seyðisfjörður, a harbour town located in the heart of what is considered to be Iceland's most beautiful fjord. We will then backtrack slightly to drive along the shores of Lake Lagarfljót. Along the way, we'll have the chance to hike up to the Hengifoss waterfall. At 128 meters high, this is the third highest waterfall in Iceland - but what really makes it special is the eye-catching patterns woven by red clay and black basalt on the cliff face behind the narrow ribbon of water. The hike up takes approximately one hour, and along the way there is a possibility to stop at the smaller, but just as beautiful, Litlanesfoss waterfall. 

      We will continue onto Egilsstaðir, our final destination for the day, where we will enjoy dinner at our hotel. 

      Meals: Dinner 

    • Day 2 - 15 Aug: Glacier Lagoon & Skaftafell National Park

      After breakfast at the hotel, we will continue driving south along the coastal ring road, which offers beautiful panoramic views. When we reach the area of Höfn, we will hopefully get a good view of Iceland's largest glacier, Vatnajökull, which we follow for the rest of the day. One of its outlet glaciers ends in an ever-growing glacial lagoon known as Jökulsárlón. Icebergs break off and float across the lagoon, down a short river and out to the ocean. Here, we will embark on an amphibian boat tour that will take us from land across the lagoon so we can experience the magical ice up close. If we are lucky, we might spot some seals playing around in the lagoon or nearby on the shore of "Diamond Beach" - known as such because chunks of ice become stranded in the black sand and glitter like diamonds. 

      After our boat tour, we will continue by bus down to Skaftafell National Park, where you will have the afternoon to explore. Perhaps you want to walk through the birch forest to Svartifoss waterfall, or follow the mountainside to the glacial moraine. Or perhaps you just want to relax and enjoy the late sun. We will eat dinner and spend the night at our hotel.

      Meals: Breakfast and dinner 

    • Day 3 - 16 Aug: Vík, Skógafoss, & Seljalandsfoss

      We begin the day with breakfast at the hotel. We will then drive through moss-covered lava fields and the sands of glacial rivers until we reach the village of Vík, where the famous black sand beach stretches as far as the eye can see. There is also an impressive view of the Reynisdrangar cliffs rising out of the ocean - no fears about bad weather, either, as the cliffs look even more mystical when shrouded in fog. 

      The drive continues along the Eyjafjöll mountains with views of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier - under which rests the infamous volcano of the same name that erupted in 2010 and caused disruption in air traffic all over Europe. The next stop is Skógafoss, one of the most impressive waterfalls along the way. One can ascend to the top of the waterfall, and on a clear day, the view out is spectacular.  

      Further along there is also a chance to stop at the iconic Seljalandsfoss waterfall, which is known for the fact that visitors can walk behind it. Don't forget your raincoat if you do so! A short walk away is another gem hidden in the narrow gorge: Gljúfrabúi, which translated means "canyon dweller." If you wish to enter the fairy-like cave into which Gljúfrabúi drops, make sure your footwear is waterproof. 

      We will end our day in the small town of Hvolsvöllur. Here, we will visit the Lava Center, where we can learn all about volcanoes, seismic activity, and the most recent volcanic eruptions. Visitors can view a short film and walk through the interactive, high-tech educational exhibition. We will have dinner at our hotel.

      Meals: Breakfast and dinner 

    • Day 4 - 17 Aug: The Golden Circle

      Our exploration of Iceland comes to a close with a tour of some of the most iconic sites in the country: the Golden Circle. Centered around three key attractions, the Golden Circle describes a commonly driven loop that incorporates all three. The first stop is the famous Gullfoss waterfall, also known as 'The Golden Falls.' This waterfall descends in two cascades into the deep gorge of the Hvítá glacial river, and it is not uncommon to spot a rainbow in the vicinity. 

      From Gullfoss, it is just a short drive to the Geysir geothermal area. The most active of the geysirs, called Strokkur, spouts a column of water roughly 20-25 meters into the air every 5-10 minutes. Be ready with your camera! 

      Finally, we will continue on to Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park. Thingvellir is known as the birthplace of the nation of Iceland, and it is where Viking chieftains established the first assembly in 930 AD - which makes it the earliest known version of a formal parliamentary system. The park also contains unique geology and natural landscapes, and visitors can observe what is known as the continental drift, where the North American and Eurasion tectonic plates are drifting apart. This is one of the few places in the world where such a shift can actually be seen! 

      We will arrive in Reykjavík early in the evening, where we will spend the last night.

      Meals: Breakfast

    • Day 5 - 18 Aug: Departure Day

      Sadly, it is time to bid farewell to Iceland after breakfast at the hotel. Guests need to arrange their own shuttle bus to Keflavík airport. 

      Meals: Breakfast


    • Price Information

      All prices are per person in Euros. 

      Shared double room EUR 2795
      Single room supplement: EUR 700

    • Inclusions
      • Private bus with driver as per itinerary 
      • Local English-speaking guide as per itinerary 
      • 4 nights accommodation 
      • All breakfasts 
      • 3 lunches 
      • 3 dinners 
      • Admission fee to Vök Baths, including 1 herbal drink, 1 drink at the pool bar, and towel rental. 
      • Amphibian boat tour on Jökulsárlón
    • Exclusions
      • Shuttle bus from Reykjavík to Keflavík Airport
      • Personal expenses 
      • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary 
      • Beverages
      • Health insurance 
      • Anything else not mentioned under "Inclusions"

    Price information

    Have a look at package prices below. Please note that prices do not include the race package.


    All prices are per person in euros.

    The 6-day tour package has a selection of accommodation combinations as shown in the list below. The prices are per person - runner or non-runner. The race entry is additional for runners. 

    Package Hotel in Reykjavik Hotel in Mývatn Shared double/twin Single room supplement
    A - Economy  Hotel Cabin Guesthouse Eldá EUR 2295 EUR 500
    B - Comfort Fosshotel Raudara Vogafjós Farm Resort  EUR 2595 EUR 750
    C - Comfort+ Fosshotel Lind SEL Hotel EUR 2595 EUR 600
    D - Deluxe Fosshotel Reykjavik  Berjaya Mývatn Hotel EUR 2795 EUR 850

    Please note that it is not possible to combine the hotels in other ways than as shown above.


    • 1 night accommodation  in Reykjavik
    • 4 nights accommodation in Mývatn
    • Transportation Reykjavik - Mývatn - Reykjavík/airport
    • Mývatn Highlights excursion 
    • Meals as stated in the itinerary
    • Transportation to/from start and finish area
    • Celebration dinner incl. transportation


    • Flights to/from Iceland
    • Arrival transport from Keflavík-Reykjavík
    • Optional excursions
    • Travel insurance
    • Meals not stated in the itinerary
    • Beverages
    • Personal expenses
    • Anything not mentioned under "Inclusions"

    Race Entry

    Marathon or Half Marathon - EUR 250

    Quarter Marathon - EUR 150 

    Race entry includes:

    • English-speaking race officials
    • English-speaking medical team from Denmark and Iceland
    • Timing and results
    • Medal
    • Exclusive Iceland Volcano Marathon T-shirt
    • Manned water and supply stations along the route
    • Collapsable cup for hydration

    Pre- and Post Nights in Reykjavik

    Pre-nights and post-nights in Reykjavík are available to be booked. The hotel of your pre-/post night will be the same Reykjavik hotel as chosen for your 6-day package.
    Booking a post-night the bus on the 14th of August will drop you off at your hotel and it will be your own responsibility to make your way to Keflavik Airport when it's time for your flight home.

    PRICES per person per night:

    Hotel Cabin - shared double room: EUR 125
    Hotel Cabin - single room supplement: EUR 90

    Fosshotel Raudara - shared double room: EUR 150
    Fosshotel Raudara - single room supplement: EUR 100

    Fosshotel Lind - shared double room: EUR 150
    Fosshotel Lind - single room supplement: EUR 100

    Fosshotel Reykjavik - shared double room: EUR 175
    Fosshotel Reykjavik - single room supplement: EUR 150

    Booking and Payment

    The booking of a trip is binding for both customer and travel agency once the deposit (25% of the total trip price) has been paid at the time of booking on the website. The remaining amount, 75% of the total trip price, will be charged to the customer’s payment card as provided by the customer, 75 days before trip departure. Bookings made later than 75 days prior will require full payment immediately.

    The email sent to the customer upon booking a trip acts as the booking confirmation. It is therefore of vital importance that the customer provides a valid email address.

    Refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.

    Important Info

    Arriving back in Keflavík Airport on 14 August

    Unless you're extending your stay, the tour will end on the 14th of August at Keflavík Airport. Busses that morning will bring participants from their hotels in Mývatn to the airport with an expected arrival at 14:30 in the afternoon.

    If your return flight is on the 14th of August you should not book a flight departing earlier than 16:30.

    Airport Shuttle discount code

    Getting from Keflevik Airport to Reykjavik city is roughly a 45 minutes' drive. The Airport Direct shuttle is an easy and convenient serivce and drop off at your hotel can be added when booking your seat.
    As an Iceland Volcano Marathon participant we have negotiated a 10% discount pr. person, which you can get, when booking online, by using the promo code: "NT2023".

    The promo code is valid for airport shuttle services in the period of August 6th until August 20th 2023 and can be used anytime from now until the 20th of August 2023.

    Questions about Iceland?

    For information on currency, electricity, and more, please check our Destination Guide page. 

    For information on weather and clothing, please check the our Climate & Weather page. 

    If you're curious about the destinations that we'll be visiting or other background information on Iceland, you can read all about it on our Travel Destination page. 

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