Iceland Volcano Marathon

25 July 2020 / 24 July 2021

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Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland contains an impressive collection of waterfalls, lava fields, geysers, glaciers, and hot springs that are waiting to be explored.

Top-off your trip by getting familiar with Iceland's seismic activity, watching the whales that frolic off the coast, and exploring cultural hot spots like Reykjavík. 



Wild Waterfalls

23 Jul, 25 Jul  |  1 day, 1 day  |  80 EUR
Iceland is home to more than 10.000 waterfalls, with each one seemingly more breathtaking than the last.

Whale Safari

23 Jul, 25 Jul  |  1 day, 1 day  |  170 EUR
Summertime is whale-watching season in the northern waters - seize your chance to spot these sublime creatures.

Lofthellir Ice Cave

23 Jul, 25 Jul  |  1 day, 1 day  |  260 EUR
Part of Iceland's charm is the plethora of volcanic activity - from craters to caves, Iceland lives up to its title as the Land of Fire and Ice.

Lake Mývatn Highlights

23 Jul, 25 Jul  |  1 day, 1 day  |  140 EUR
On this excursion, we'll visit some of the spots that will be included on the marathon route and explore the surrounding area at a slower pace.

Geothermal Nature Baths

24 Jul  |  1 day  |  70 EUR
Is a trip to Iceland really complete without visiting one of their renowned natural geothermal baths?



East Iceland Highlights

26-30 Jul  |  5 days  |  0 EUR
Visit the Vök Baths, see the famous glacier lagoon, drive along the black sand beaches, and explore Skaftafell National Park. Along the way, hike to as many waterfalls as your heart desires!

Volcanoes and Waterfalls

26-30 Jul  |  5 days  |  0 EUR
Iceland's seismic history is vast and intriguing. This extension will show you every facet of it, from hot springs to lava fields to dormant volcanoes to the inner workings of an actual magma chamber!

Pre-Tour: The Golden Circle

19-21 Jul  |  3 days  |  0 EUR
See a geyser explode, feel the spray of Gullfoss waterfall, and explore the charming town of Reykjavík.