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Be a force of nature!

Steaming geysers, black lava rock and volcano craters set the scene for this amazing race.

We are in the North Volcanic Zone of Northern Iceland where the forces of inner Earth is at full display. Feel the soft crunch of black volcano sand beneath your shoes while running through this hot spot where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates divide...

Bring your natural forces to run in this beautiful and challenging scenery.

The route is run mainly on dirt tracks and trails near Lake Mývatn and the town of Reykjahlid.

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Race information

Everything you need to know should be right here. If there is something specific you are looking for that you can’t find, feel free to write us with your question.


Please note that all decisions made by the race officials and or medical team are final and not up for discussion.

Albatros Adventure Marathons reserve the right to change the itinerary and/or running course without further notice in the event of extreme weather. This also includes the decision to cut the course short.

By signing up for this event you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Albatros Adventure Marathons.


The Iceland Volcano Marathon can be run in a pair of normal running shoes, but trail running shoes is recommended if running for a top placement.


All finishers receive a medal. A small, symbolic prize is awarded to the top three finishers in each race (marathon, half marathon and Polar Bear Challenge) in the male and female categories. Please note that there is no prize money. 

Course map

The map of the route is not yet available, but will be online as soon as ready. 

Time limits

The race has a time limit of 7 hours from the start of the marathon.

Runners still on the route after the time is up will be picked up by a race official or medical car and driven back to the finish area. 


The Iceland Volcano Marathon takes place in July. In 2020, the event takes place on the 25th of July.
The 2021 race date has not yet been determined.


The Iceland Volcano Marathon features a classic 42.195km marathon and a 21.097km half marathon.


To participate in the marathon, runners must be minimum 18 years of age on race day. 

To participate in the half marathon, runners must be minimum 16 years of age on race day.

Medical Team

A team of Danish doctors and Icelandic paramedics will be present during the race. The medical team is ready in case of injury or severe exhaustion. A doctor will be patrolling the route and a doctor will stand by in the finish area. If the medical team finds it necessary they can stop a runner and take him/her out of the race. Decisions on taking runners out of the race will only be done if the medical team believes there is a serious health risk in continuing. 

All decisions made by the medical team are final and not up for discussion.

Runners who wish to drop out of the marathon should go to the nearest drink station. Transport to the finish area will be arranged for all runners who leave the race, but please be aware there will be a waiting time. 

If you take daily medicine prescribed by your physician or need any other medication, please inform the race doctors in advance by writing to marathon@albatros-adventure.com.

Photos and certificate

Finisher photos and other race images will be available after the race. Some race images will also be available in the gallery.

A finisher’s certificate will be available for free download from the website of our photo partner www.marathon-photos.com.

Race officials

The race officials reserve the right to change the course and other aspects of the race without advance notice. Please note that all decisions made by the race officials and/or medical team are final.


Registration for the Iceland Volcano Marathon is done in combination with booking the 6-day tour package.
Race entry only is not possible.

Click here to register.

Runners residing in Iceland can contact us at marathon@albatros-adventure.com for details on local registration.

Route description

The marathon and half marathon takes place mainly on private dirt roads and trails used by local farmers and hikers.
When passing places of public interest it is important to keep in mind that this race doesn't have exclusivity in the area and all roads and sights are open to regular visitors and locals too. With the early start, however, most of the route will be fairly empty.

A full route description will follow soon.

Do not forget that this is first and foremost an adventure. We are far away from comforts of home and this makes it impossible to offer services at the same level usually provided in city marathons.

Route logistics

Kilometre signs will be set up along the entire route. Owing to the conditions, however, they may be placed a few metres from the precise kilometre mark, so use signs for orientation only and don’t calculate your speed based on the signs. at critical intersections route marshalls will direct runners the right way.

Rules and regulations

Nordic walking poles (or trekking poles), canes and similar are not allowed.


The Iceland Volcano Marathon & Half Marathon are both scheduled to start at 7:30am.  Last-minute changes to the start times may occur.

All runners who complete their distance within the time limit will receive a medal. A small, symbolic award will be presented to the top three finishers in each race in the male and female categories. 

A light meal is available for runners at the finish line. 

Runners still on the route after the cut off time will be picked up by a race official or medical car and driven back to the finish area. 

Start numbers

You will receive your start number (also called bib number) in your race pack at the race briefing in Akureyri 2 days before the race The start number must be placed on the front of your body and be visible at all times during the race.
The start numbers are color coded according to the distance you are running. Marathon numbers are black. Half marathon numbers are red.
A timing chip is placed on the back side of the start number. Do not bend or fold the start number as this may damage the chip, which will mean that your time is not recorded.

Supplies on the Route

There will be water supplies approximately every 4 kilometres. All drink stations serve water and at selected stations you will also receive electrolyte drinks.

Remember that we run in wild and unspoiled nature and cups, empty bottles and other trash should be put in the litter bags at the water stations – please do not litter in nature!

Time taking and results

The races will be timed using BIB-chip. The BIB-chip is attached on the back of the bib number and will record each runners net finishing time. Do not fold or bend the bib number as it could damage the chip.

In the evening of the race a complete result list is expected to be ready. There are no age categories. 


The Icelandic summer is not known to be warm... 

Expect temperatures between 5-15 degrees Celsius. If lucky we may see the temperature rise to 20 degrees Celsius. Rain is to be expected sometime during your stay, so prepare for a little bit of everything.

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