12 Aug 2023

Iceland Volcano Marathon

12 August 2023

Be a force of nature!

Join us in this epic race in one of Earth’s geological hotspots.

Set near Lake Mývatn, at the divergent boundaries of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, the Iceland Volcano Marathon route will be run directly in the North Volcanic Zone. It’s a hot bed of geothermal activity with geysers, hot springs, and lava rock – what’s more, the volcanic zone is still very much active.


With the massive Hverfjall crater as the focus of the route, runners will pass through soft, black volcanic sand as they run the rim of the crater, as well as pass through the ethereal lava fields known as Dimmuborgir, or "Dark Fortress," and under a wild natural arch. The route traverses single-track trail, plains of lava lock, and several minor volcano craters.  

Runners can choose between marathon, half marathon or quarter marathon.


Kindly be advised that an entry to any Albatros Adventure Marathon is only available in combination with an official tour package. Race entry only is not possible for international runners. View our entry packages here


For any inquiries about the race, local entry or booking form, please write us at info@adventure-marathon.com 



We hope to see you on the trail!


Race distances

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Runners of all levels can be a force of nature with these options.


Full Marathon
42.2 km
Half Marathon
21.1 km
Qtr. Marathon
10.55 km


All three distances take place at the same time, and all share the first and last part of the course.

Just select your preferred distance when booking.

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It's like running in a constant postcard - it feels like you travel from the center of the earth to the moon and back again.

Iceland Volcano Marathon Race Director