Iceland Volcano Marathon

24 July 2021

Whale Safari

Summertime is whale-watching season in the northern waters - seize your chance to spot these sublime creatures.
25 Jul | 7 hours | 170 EUR

Húsavík is often called the capital of whale watching in Iceland, and a day spent looking for these magnificent animals is an unforgetttable experience. There are 12 species that can be considered common visitors, including, among others, the minke whale, humpback whale, orca, and even harbour porpoises! Hopefully, we'll also spot some Icelandic puffins flocking around. 

The original Húsavík Whale Watching Tour is run in a traditional Icelandic oak boat and is operated by one of the pioneers of whale watching in Iceland. The professional crews on the whale watching boats are specifically trained in responsible conduct with the whales, and will guide and inform you the whole way. They even offer you hot cocoa and cinnamon buns! 

Participants that are staying in Mývatn and Laugar will have 2 hours either before or after the trip (depending on departure time) to explore the picturesque town of Húsavík and purchase lunch. Húsavík has a variety of lovely restaurants on the harbour, a whale watching museum, a NASA museum, and plenty of shops. 

Húsavik participants:

Since you are already located in the town, naturally you don't require transport. Thus, you may be eligible for a discount on the tour, which will be confirmed after registration. This means that if you want the pleasure of sailing with other marathon participants, you are paying for the boat trip only. 


About the Tour: 

Duration: 7 hours (3.5 hours sailing) 

Departures: Sunday at 08:00 

Minimum number of participants per day*: 25 

*please note that if the min. number is not reached, we reserve the right to either move participants to another departure day or cancel the excursion. If the excursion is canceled, you will be refunded. 


- 45-minute (each way) hotel transfers for Mývatn and Laugar participants to Húsavík 

- Boat trip 

- 2 hours in Húsavík 

- Guide 


Note on Iceland Excursion Departures:

At the time of booking, we cannot guarantee specific departure times or day, as this depends on the minimum participant requirements as well as where participants are staying. This also means that you should only sign up for a maximum of two excursions in total: one for Friday and one for Sunday (and of course the Nature Baths can be added on Saturday). 

Please choose your preferred departure time and day when booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Approximately 3 weeks before the tour, we will inform you of your departure time and day. Refunds will NOT be given for cancellations received after the departure time has been given.